Porch light and ring 2 device

Hi I have created a routine in ST to turn on the porch light after sunset if the button on the Ring 2 doorbell is pressed. The problem I’m having is the porch light comes on at sunset whether the button is pressed or not.
Is there a way to sequence this correctly or am I doing something daft?
On a side note is there a way to make it so the porch light turns itself off after say 5 minutes of the Ring doorbell being pressed?
Just to add… I have a Hue bulb in porch light, hue hub, ST hub and echo

Check out webCoRE… if can do what you want and so much more.

You can use Stringify. When doorbell button is pressed (after sunset), porch lights on, start 5 minute timer, then porch lights off.

You can do this using Smart Lighting. Your Ring doorbell shows as a Button in the app.
You can also use the motion sensor in the doorbell to do the same thing.

In Smart Lighting, how do you get the light to also turn off after 5 minutes? I know you can do it if you set motion as the trigger, but he wants a doorbell press.

You can use the power allowance feature in a separate rule.

Thx for helping out I’ll look into the options you’ve given.