POPP smart thermostat problem

Hi. I have Samsung hub v3 and 10 POPP smart thermostat installed. They use POPP smart thermostat driver.
Suddenly on thermostat was not in the SmartThings app. I now try to add it again but now it only chooses the Zigbee Things driver… I tried to reset the thermostat but no luck. Any ideas?

ST has been in the process of migrating from the legacy Groovy based architecture that had Device Type Handlers (DTH) to the new Lua based Edge driver architecture. Your devices were probably using a custom DTH and there is no stock Edge driver than supports your device(s). I’ve read in another topic that the manufacturer supplied this link to their Edge driver channel invite where you can subscribe to their channel and install the driver for their thermostat. With your devices installed and using the Zigbee thing driver, you can change to the manufacturer’s driver in:

  • The ST mobile app - In the device panel, click 3-dot menu->Driver->POPP Thermostat driver
  • The ST Advanced Web App by clicking on the device in the device list and changing the driver
  • The community developed ST API Browser+ by clicking on Devices->“Your Device”->Change Driver

Here is the link to the topic that discusses the Edge driver for the POPP thermostat.


I found a new version of the driver. Will try that one.

Edit. It works!

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