Poor Mans Garage Door Opener help

I isolated relay contacts that go to the outlet by cutting the pcb trace and moved some wires inside from power to contacts. If you can wait till tomorrow I’ll post pictures.

Not a problem. I get frustrated, that some apps run in the cloud, making for a uneasy situation. A shame smart lighting can’t do this, as it runs local.

I just setup this app and tested it with my Smart plug and it works perfectly. Thank you.

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You are welcome Joel
Glad it works for you

For something to run local, You need both the DTH and SmartApp to run local.
@Cobra, @joelw135 @Rob_G
I just discovered something. The @Eric_Inovelli Inovelli Smart Plug using @erocm1231 DTH has a setting to automatically turn off after a set number of seconds that you specify.
For some reasons nobody mentions it but I just tested it and it works perfectly.
The unit itself it’s very nice and clean built both inside and outside.

Also see Garage door opener using Inovelli NZW37

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Now did you test with the SmartThings default version? Or the alternate version that you can rename the channels?
I assume the default will run local and with its timer it would work great as I want, but I would like to rename each channel.

Great job on that, but my hands aren’t capable of that as I have cervical damage do to a job fall.


Yes that is the one I am using, same one on iNovelli page. So now with this new development you noticed, I don’t need the app. The relay is on the way, and now if I choose the SmartThings version that runs local I will set the delay to “0”.

Grand experiment is a partial failure. I hooked up the relay and smart plug to the push button terminals on the garage door motor. The garage opens and closes with SmartThings, but no longer from the push button. I don’t know why. But I tend to think the button has some electronics in it. So when I put the relay in Parallel it affected the switch, as the switch light went out. My Garage door opener is a craftsman. Should I have hooked it up on other terminals?

UPDATE: I found out that the Craftsman control send multiple signals over the two wires for light door etc. So I think I am out of luck. I am not sure if it could be connected any other way. I tried contacting Sears, and they are totally useless.

If the relay is in parallel and is normally open then it shouldnt have any effect on the existing switch…its not doing anything unless its closed.

I agree also, but even with the relay unplugged the light on the remote was off, and the button didn’t work. I did a search online for adding momentary button to Craftsman Openers, and it came up that it can’t be done, unless you go to a standard doorbell button. That eliminates all the custom functions of the original remote. If I remove the Craftsman remote from the equation and use my SmartThings integration it works perfectly. I am truly annoyed. The posts regarding this say it is do to the multi signal from the remote. I am not going to give up on this.

I just realized something, there must be power going to the Craftsman Remote button as it has a power light. That has to have something to do with it.

UPDATE: A friend of mine works for a Garage Door company (Commercial) and he sent a tech over to my home. The tech says he has come across this before, and did something inside the opener. It basically gave me a set of contacts to use. it works perfectly now. I am elated.:joy:

Just ordered the second relay, so with the iNovelli dual channel smart plug I am all set. The wiring is run, and the UL approved box to hold the relays is installed. I cut out the cover of the box so that the timer adjustment and pilot lights are available.

Below is a photo of the control center, at the top is the blue box holding the first relay. THe space for the second has been cut out and ready.

Not for anything but at some point it might have been easier to go with the go control linear or similar controller. :slight_smile:

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Twice the money for only one door and no fun.

You got it, I have had fun just with the bantering with everyone here. We went back and forth with how to accomplish the job, and it worked out great. For me it would have been easier if my garage door was normal. Mine was one that was made for less than a year, and it had a weird circuit board. My friend helped by sending a tech, at no charge. He knew what to do. He soldered something and I was able to get it working. The tech liked this so much he ordered the stuff for his house.

Last relay came today, and is wired and runs great. I have a small piece of 35mm DIN rail and I will mount it in the box to hold the relays more securely.

For your future projects, I just found a relay that’s easier to wire

Looks nice, but mine was extremely easy to wire. Took more time to strip the wire than to apply them to the relay. Nice that they both fit in a 4" square electrical box.

hey Joel, I lost the thread along the way for what the second relay you added in was for ) or was it just for a second opener)?
maybe a recap and/or a schematic of what you ended up with might help my memory

Here is the basic setup.
I have two Garage doors
Parts needed:

  1. 1 Dual Channel Smart Plug Inovelli works great as it has a seconds timer
  2. 2 xcell AC 110V H3Y-2 Time Delay Relay Solid State Timer 0-60S DPDT w Socket. Link to relays
  3. Two 120 volt plugs with wire to feed the relays
  4. Two or 4 conductor wire depending on how many doors since I have two doors four conductor.
    Rember if one door use one of each item.

Now the crust of it. The object of my project was to open each door by activating the Smart plug. The Smart plug feeds the relay and the relay goes to the two switch terminals on the garage door opener. Now the Smart plug when activated stays on only 1 second enough to activate the relay. The relay goes on and has a built in timer that once makes contact turns off after 1 second.

AS other people have mentioned the timer in the relay isn’t necessary as the garage door opener only takes a momentary switch. But being very cautious I added the timer. To be honest these relays were cheap, and you can get them even cheaper. So even if I turned off the timer it would still be a worth while project. If you need more detail, let me know.