Pollster and Smart Weather Station Tile App

I have a Smart Weather Station Tile and would like to use it for luminescence for some of my SmartApps (at least I think, when I choose ‘Weather’ (under Which) in the SmartApps it is using this).

The problem I’m having is that the SmartApps (Lighting Director) are not firing because the luminescence has not been updated. I began searching for a way to have the updates occur more frequently and installed pollster.

The problem is, pollster does not display the Smart Weather Station under the devices it can poll.

Can anyone help with solving this or telling me how you get luminescence to update frequently so apps like Lighting Director can be used?


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There’s a new version that calls the refresh command that does the trick, check the devs github.

Thanks Jason. I have the most recent version of pollster and am unable to see the Weather Station tile with it. Weird, if anyone has suggestions please let me know.

Make your own custom Weather Station Controller.

I used [RELEASE] Smart Weather Station Tile Updater - Fix Broken Modes

and changed line 62 to

runIn(900, scheduledEvent, [overwrite: false])
  • Updates every 15 min - which is close enough for me, use 600 or 300 or whatever for faster weather updates


I noticed the exact same issue as you, so I modified the Smart Weather Device Type code to include “Capability Refresh” and then Pollster could see it.

However! Afterwards, the SmartTiles dashboard could no longer see the SmartWeather device. Not sure why. But what I have noticed, is that if you use the ST published version of Smart Weather Tile, use SmartTiles.click, SmartTiles will keep the weather tile up to date automatically.

Hope this helps.

I’ve also noticed this. How come Pollster can’t see the weather tile? I could not figure out how that happened.

@RBoy has updated code at the same link above. This modification no longer required.

Change line which has




Where X is your interval in minutes. As per the docs Only following is supported. (Thank you @Roy for pointing out)
x=5 , 10, 15 , 30

Here is the valid list as per the docs ;

(Note : As per the documenation : “These methods have the advantage of randomizing the start time for schedules, which can reduce the load on the SmartThings cloud. As such, they should be preferred over cron expressions when available.” I think other methods start at top of hour and may cause issues with ST scheduling)

Hmm that wont’ work. I’m using an API (one of the hundred things I tried to find the most stable option). This API is a little random in it’s implemntation which I’m hoping will make it more stable and less susceptible the ST scheduling failures. But ST only supports specific intervals. See the docs.

Agreed. I corrected the post to reflect what is in the documentation. Thank you for pointing out. (I think I read the doc halfway first time, and did not notice the limitation.)

You’re welcome but by no means are any of these methods reliable. The only reliable way is to use kick start events.

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I have been noticing improvement for the good on scheduling, since they did some updates during past couple of days. Hope it stay reliable, as scheduling reliabilty should be one of the important aspects of ST.