"Pollster" - A SmartThings Polling Daemon

Oh man, this is the second useful app to be killed off. I was not a user of the first, but this app is essential. Perhaps Pollster should not even need to exist at all, but the fact remains that this app addresses major issues in my IoT design. Smartthings, please tell us you will provide native functionality to support polling of any device that supports it. Oh, and fix the smarttile weather as well so it updates without me using Pollster.

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I’m not a fan of this rage quit, so an updated version of pollster that auto corrects SSDS is available on my githhub for all to contribute and freely enjoy.

@geko if you would like you name removed from your code, let me know (PM me). I’ll be happy to take over this app for you.

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Pollster was and still is a copyrighted software. Nowhere in my post did I say that I wish to relinquish my copyright. All I asked is that you and others refrain from its distribution, but I guess some people have trouble grasping that.

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Apache 2.0 essentially and irrevocably relinquishes your Copyright to everyone. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.


.2. Grant of Copyright License. Subject to the terms and conditions of this License, each Contributor hereby grants to You a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable copyright license to reproduce, prepare Derivative Works of, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute the Work and such Derivative Works in Source or Object form.

Yes, I know. You’ve made the same comment in another thread. This is known as crossposting and is commonly frowned upon :slight_smile: Disclaimer: I’m not a community police officer :slight_smile:

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@geko, as you could see from my earlier thread, I was frustrated to see a good app, and others like this go away. However, I do not like the direction this has taken. I was “on your side”. If its broken and just not worth the time to fix, then why not just turn this over to the community rather than try to shut it down?

By saying you are shutting the project down and then trying to stop others from continuing it, you are not following the spirit nor the letter of open source agreements. You can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube. Its out. Its opensource and others will modify and distribute if its deemed useful. Instead of stopping it, why don’t you support it or get out of the way. You can certainly stop distribution yourself in your own repo, and you can take your name off the project, but if others wish to create derivative works, nothing you can do nor should you.

Presumably you made these apps for the betterment of our little community here. You certainly really helped me out solving problems with my system. For that I am really grateful. You have been clear it was not for monetary gain. If you continue to wish the best for this community, why the rage? Wish others the best and move on.

Let’s not forget the contributions @geko has made to this community for a very long time. Thanks @geko !


Ok, your point is taken. Many of you have pointed out that GPL is an irrevocable license and asked me not to remove the code, if only for educational purposes. I thank you all for the feedback and apologize for the stir in the community caused by my announcement. I have restored the repository to its original state.


Thank you @geko. And thanks for your many contributions to this platform. I hope going forward you will continue to develop great apps for us all to use. I also hope Smartthings will better support us all in doing so.


Thank you! Glad you had a change of heart…


I am confused a little because I have an email from SmartThings Support just a few days ago telling me that I should continue to use Pollster.

Since polling doesn’t work what does Smart Things Expect us to do ?

Chris Suk (SmartThings)

Aug 4, 6:13 PM

Thanks for getting back to me, Ron.

It doesn’t appear that there’s anything special that you need to do to get the poll method working correctly. We’ve seen this bug in some other cases and the issue is getting some traction. I’ll be sure to update you once I hear any news!

In the mean-time, I’d say going back to pollster would be your best bet.

Thanks so much for working with us,

SmartThings Support

Is pollster doing harm to the platform or just our personnel network ? Because in my home it’s the only thing that works and since the last platform update it seems to be stable and no longer just stops working after a while. So seems like they were trying to fix polling bot so far they failed, scheduled tasks on the other hand seem to have been fixed so a solution like pollster is the only solution other then adding schedules to your device code. I have used this second approach for a few of my devices to make my setup simpler, rather then using pollster I simply add a schedule in the device to call poll. But this doesn’t seem better than pollster and perhaps could be worse because now every device has a schedule instead of one schedule which then calls every device.

In my opinion a status page should be created by SmartThings about polling not working and they should be very open about that is happening and what is being done to fix it. I really don’t understand how an issue like this could go on for so long in a “Home Automation” platform. What good is home automation if you can’t poll devices and schedule tasks. This is HA 101.

UPDATE: Chris contacted me not too long ago to clarify that they do NOT recommend Pollster. However, because it seemed to be working for me he felt is was a working solution at this time.


I know, I swore not to do it, but the fact is that I still rely on Pollster to run my WiFi Thermostat and some other devices. So, it’s time for an update.

Version 1.3. Released 8/29/2015

  • Added watchdog feature. Watchdog task runs every 15 minutes and checks to see that the polling tasks are running. If watchdog detects that one of the polling tasks has stopped, it will send a notification message and attempt to restart Pollster.
  • The number of polling groups is reduced to three. The fourth scheduling slot is reserved for the watchdog.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Poll Now” feature.
  • Randomize seconds in the cron schedules.

Note: If you upgrade from the previous version, make sure to remove devices from the Polling Group #4 before the upgrade.


Yay Pollster :smile:

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Sucker… :wink:


Isn’t Pollster the most popular, practical and universally appealing app? Way to go @geko, thanks!


@geko any chance you could make the notification the standard text or push option? Or would it be better as a pull? I’m not sure my girlfriend is interested in when pollster is “toast”, though it makes me chuckle. :smile:


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Feel free to comment it out in the source code. :smile:

I don’t like solutions that are so simple. Can’t we complicate this some? :wink: That will do the trick. Thanks again.

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If the watchdog is running every 15min then isn’t it also a scheduled event and therefor can’t it stop working also ?

I really really really wish ST would fix polling and scheduled events. What can be so hard about this that they can not fix it !!!

Thanks for keeping up the updates !

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I thought that was cool too, until I realize what Pollster does, then it made me sad. :smile:

Seriously though, it just highlights one of the biggest problems with the platform, but hopefully this will go away with the new hub?