"Pollster" - A SmartThings Polling Daemon

I too have noticed that Pollster gets killed every so often. Anyone know why?


Any fix yet to keep Pollster running? It’s been getting worse for me lately, approx once a week I have to reset it to keep it running.
@April is ST working on a fix for this?


Unfortunately, there’s no fix. The reason Pollster stops working is because SmartThings APIs go south periodically and take more than 20 seconds to execute. The app is then stopped because it’s “exceeded” the execution time limit.


Here’s how I’ve been dealing with it.

Not clean, not simple, but it works until ST can figure out what’s going on.

We need a second Pollster to refresh the first Pollster once a day!
Crazy ST


FYI, just got an email from “SmartThings Submissions”:

Unfortunately, we found a few issues while reviewing the code for “Pollster helps keeping device status up-to-date,” which are further described below:

-Imported files into local account
-polling devices is not recommended

We encourage you to resubmit your SmartApp as soon as you address those concerns.

Duh, geniuses! If SmartThings built-in polling would work reliably I wouldn’t have to write pollster in the first place. I guess I’ll remove device polling from pollster and rename it nullster. :smile:


LOL, one of mine got rejected for not doing something it wasn’t supposed to do in the first place…

I love that. They know darn well why this app exists. I have contacted support about many of my devices that don’t poll correctly and they tried to fix and then gave up and said "You should continue using pollster.

I think it is a little unfair that support responds to many issues stating that we need to contact the community for a solution then when we have issues with the custom devices we are all using/writing their response is “We don’t support custom device code or smart apps”. If you don’t support them then don’t suggest we use them and get your stuff working !!!

Sorry for the rant but they are playing games with us sometimes LOL


This is awesome, fixed some issues I was having on my Nest Protect not updating, so thank you so much.
I was wondering if it were possible to disable the logs or somehow filter them off?

At the moment in my ST app, if I go to logs, its filled up every minute by pollster;
It would be good if they could be excluded somehow so at glance I get better view of logs such as people arriving or leaving.

You can filter the logs by clicking on the app or device name above the log window.

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Nest Protect works with ST ? I didn’t know that. Is this custom device or in ST already ? I didn’t find it in a search.

Yep, find it here - Nest Protect Device Type
Once you have the device type and smart app setup, you need pollster to query Nest for the status each minute.

Interesting, not sure how useful but interesting. Of course given that pollster just stops working do to server side bugs not too reliable.

I have installed the Pollster app (which btw is awesome… the instructions crisp… helped me install the smart app perfectly) My question is how do i know if the Pollster app is working ? In smartthings app under “My Apps” I do see the Pollster app along with the other apps. The only thing different I see on this app that I dont see on any of my other apps is that on Pollster app there is the triangle Play icon (similar to what you see on youtube etc. for videos) I click on the Pollster app but nothing happens.
Also the main reason i got this app was so that it updates the GE link bulb status, but i dont see that happening. Am i doing something wrong? Any help would be gladly appreciated.


##Notice of Project Termination (July 28, 2015)

Please be advised that I discontinue development and support of the Pollster smart app effective today, July 28, 2015.

Pollster was created to solve a persistent problem with updating status of “passive” devices that can not push their status updates to SmartThings and therefore rely on polling. However, I was informed that Pollster does not meet SmartThings smart app approval criteria because polling of the devices does not play nicely with SmartThings platform and in some cases may cause degraded system performance.

Please note that I thereby revoke the GPL license for this smart app. You may continue using it free of charge for personal, non-commercial use only, without any warranty and at your own risk. However, distribution of Pollster in any form, with or without modification, is expressly prohibited. If you have made a public fork of this project, I am kindly asking you to either remove it or make it private.

You may continue using Pollster in accordance with the terms and conditions of GPL license agreement and at your own risk.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Apache v2.0 and GPL v3 are irrevocable as far as I know.

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Then you leave me no choice but to use a magic spell to discourage Pollster distribution. :smile:

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You are, at least, protected from the consequences of use and/or distribution, which I think could hypothetically be your concern here.

Nobody who publishes legal open source code should be held responsible for the uses or distribution of that code.

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Not the magic spell!!! Please, stop there. If the comfy chair comes out, we are all in trouble. Nobody expects the spanish inquisition…