[POLL] Need a connected speaker, what should I get?

I need to get two connected speakers for two small rooms, mainly to be used for tts and to play music.

I am leaning towards Sonos play1 or Samsung R1. Any suggestions, other ideas?

External review R1 vs. Play1


Internal discussion about speakers (among other threads this one is very informative)

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What would you recommend based on your personal experience?

  • Sonos Play1
  • Samsung R1
  • Other DNLA capabale

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No personal experience with the R1. Plenty of friends with the Sonos systems. I went sonos since the 1 was on sale for 150. Got 2 of them, thats just too good of a price. It is a known system with tons of cross support with other systems. That right there is probably the main reason I went with it. It’s history of working well for years.

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I use pure jongo T2 & S3 speakers. They work great. Also allow for whole house music

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Hi, if you like quality sound , buy sonos, if you don´t want to spend a lot, there are many options

Even if you already have a wifi or connected speaker, possible they can work with DLNA, many speakers have this function, but people do´t use it.

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Thanks! You can add Denon S710 to your list. Been using it in my Livingroom with your handler with no issues, other than when the tts comes through, it flips the input, which is pretty annoying.

Ive had an R1 for about a month and posted this review.

The spamming issue has been corrected and is not a problem. There is still an issue with “abrupt volume drop” that seems to occur when you elect to change the speaker volume for an announcement. Looks like that is caused by the hub submitting a volume reset before the message is complete. The workaround is to not alter the speaker volume, but I’m in a two story house and sometimes I need to increase the volume.

In short if/when they fix they the volume drop problem it will be perfect for my use.

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Thanks @ule I listened to the Dr. Speaker and went with Sonos. Thanks all for chiming in…

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did you get a deal on these somewhere?

The other thing to look at is chromecast as a sonos setup. At least that was possible like earlier in the year. Not sure if it still is. But I think it was Ars Techinca did a good article on its setup, just google it.

But I just bought 2 sonos and know I want more. Since buying the house I knew I’d get sonos setup at some point.

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I had my eyes on more Sonos. Love my Play 2 I already had. Was hoping to get away cheaper, but couldn’t help it, Play1 are $50 off this week. The sound quality on my Play2 is awesome and @ule convinced me to get them. Told my wife it’s all his fault lool.

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Play2? Wait, what?

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I’ve got 2 of the T2 and one S3 from pure and they sound great. They aren’t directly integrated with ST, but I honestly do not use any of those options anyway.

I want get a couple more of the S3 models…

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Oops, don’t like play solo and play3 is not always on my mind, although this time it should have been…

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