Poll: LANNouncer Feature Requests

After writing the various features into LANNouncer, I primarily use just a tiny subset, but emails suggest others use other features more. The vast majority of users (and support requests) never “bought a martini”, so I don’t get much input other than “can you make it do x?”

Which brings us to the poll… where do you fall on the “Make it do X?” question?

  • LANNouncer is meeting my needs
  • Different Image Upload Destinations (currently Dropbox)
  • More Audio File (MP3) options (currently 5)
  • Motion Sensing using Device Camera
  • Individual Volume Per Audio File
  • Better Diagnostics
  • Other (describe)

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And, of course…

  • I am loving the free version
  • I bought a martini for the author
  • I’d be willing to provide a bottle of martinis for more functionality

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