Poh' Boy's Ecobee?

With most O/C, moisture, PIR sensors all reporting temperature to ST. I was wondering if anybody ( much smarter than me) had thought of a way to aggregate that into a thermostat control app . I saw a couple apps where I could use a single temp sensor to control heat, a/c , but I have not seen one that would take all available and average is out to control thermostat.

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I think @keithcroshaw was working on something like this.

Just tested it with a real thermostat not that long ago. Works great. Now if only I could find Temp sensors that worked great and didn’t have to be on my doors that were cheap.

Please keep in mind much of this code is hard coded to my situation, two main living space temp sensors to average during Home mode. Two bedroom temp sensors to average during Night mode. And Away mode going to an away setpoint. Please modify as necessary before using.


If you use zip 10001 Chelsea NY the Centralite/Iris PIRs are $23ea.
PEQ moisture report temp. Be easy enough to just stick one behind dresser ,nightstand, under the bed etc. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121829580183

I threw together a Smart App that spawns simulated temperature sensors that will average any set of sensors. This has the nice advantage of working with SmartTiles to show a single average for the room/zone. I could post it if you want. It doesn’t directly control a thermostat, but you can use it with the other apps that do.


yes please @mitchp that would be great

I use this…

Ok, let me get that posted out to GitHub…

All right. So first you need this virtual temp sensor: https://github.com/mitchpond/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/devicetypes/mitchpond/simulated-temperature-sensor.src/simulated-temperature-sensor.groovy

Then, add the parent and child smart apps:

Parent: https://github.com/mitchpond/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/smartapps/mitchpond/temperature-averager.src/temperature-averager.groovy

Child: https://github.com/mitchpond/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/smartapps/mitchpond/ta-child.src/ta-child.groovy

Save and publish the parent, just save the child (no need to publish).
You can create and remove the child devices from the parent smart app. There are no real bells and whistles on this as I made this for my own use, but if there’s interest I can add stuff.


Is still needed? There already is a “Simulated Temp Sensor” in ST device list.

There is, but I could not for the life of me get that one to work. I think it has to do with the namespace being “smartthings/testing” rather than “smartthings” like the others.

Hey wondering if you can help out.

I installed everything as instructed. When I get to the part to assign a temperature device to the virtual device I get a message saying its now installed and automating but when I click done I get error saying “Failed to save: devicePage”.

Now I have a vertual temp senior but no physical device assigned to it and I can’t remove anything since apparently I’m not authorized on my own hub. Tried on both iPad and android as well as in IDE.

Live log shows:

c9a42e4b-96d7-4040-93d5-82b9c7ea26b3 10:01:26 PM EDT: error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 @ line 60
c9a42e4b-96d7-4040-93d5-82b9c7ea26b3 10:01:26 PM EDT: debug

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I’m not sure why it failed in setup… You should be able to delete the virtual device from the smart app. I just tried creating a new one and it works for me. I don’t know if there’s some variable in your setup that’s different from mine or if it’s something to do with the ST meltdown lately.

The smartapp should creat devices right? I shouldn’t have to create the devices in IDE.

I’ve had issues in the past with not authorized errors. I’ll email support maybe some permissions are screwed up as per usual ST way.