Plugwise integration?

I have previously bought about a dozen Plugwise Circle’s (and a Circle+) and one of the most promising things was this post on kickstarter from SmartThings:1
"@Niclas Hofsen - Plugwise uses ZigBee so we expect them to work. We will add them to the 3rd party product list for testing and “certification” with SmartThings"

But it has been really quiet after that and I can’t find any of my Plugwise modules when I search for them.
Have anyone else got any success with them or know anything about the progress?

Is there really no one that have any experiences, good or bad, with plugwise modules?

Plugwise is not using the Zigbee Home Automation profile but a proprietary profile, so this will not work out of the box. I also own a couple of these Circles.

I’m very interested in a 220v smart plug I thought the circles from Plugwise will work. Anyone has an idea what 220v plug I can get that works with smartthings hub?