Plug and Play vs can be made to work with custom code


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Spinning off…

I like what you’ve said in your summary above. But until all I have to do is hit one INSTALL button in the mobile app, i don’t count it as plug and play.

I also think the “I” on the “works with” list is insufficient because it mixes good stuff (is a repeater) with bad stuff (only some functions are supported) with beta indications (labs). these need three different icons.

Any Z-Wave Thermostat?
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I don’t understand. Don’t all the “fully supported” Devices work in this matter (i.e., using the + button (SmartSetup) + Connect New Device, … Searching... ?

As for the “works with” page…

I agree 100%. They need to break up the page into at least two; “Fully Supported” (i.e., plug & play), vs. anything else that has any non-trivial issue.


I meant an install for the smartapps. You can pair some certified power strips, for example, but as I understand it you can’t control each plug individually without custom code. And Scene Machine still using requires the IDE, right? It didn’t show up in a search in the mobile app.

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Sorry… still confused. Do you have a specific example Device – though I may need screenshots or other references to actually get on the same page with you.

NB: I am only referring to devices that SmartThings claims are “fully supported” (i.e., no “i” indicator).


SmartenIt ZBLC15 is zigbee, but typical for a physical device. Replaces a two plug receptacle, intended by the manufacturer to “Independently control 2 devices” On the “works with” list, but ST turns both plugs on and off together.

It’s a huge amount of work for me physically to find these examples for you, so I’m going to leave additional research to you.


We crossposted. You added your NB while I was still composing.

As far as the items without “I” like I said this research is physically wearing for me. Hopefully someone who found it necessary to write/use a custom device type for one of the items that meet your parameters will post.

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We can delete the two interim “disqualified” posts if you’d like, and then this one. I’ll start :wink: