Pls test your devices list for me, so I know that I am the only one

Help me to see if I am the only one…

Go to Samsung account
And click on “devices”

Curious if all of you see a list. In my case it hangs. Error 500
My connection with the cloud seems to be broken. In fact seems “write only”
When I make an automation in the app, or edit some text in an existing one, it does NOT appear in the app, but I can see it in the cloud

And… I deleted a virtual hub in the cloud, but in the Android app it is still there.

Conclusion: I can write to the cloud but not read from it.

Samsung support mail cannot help me because I am not in the US, and whatever I try via Samsung members, or phone in the Netherlands: no help.

Apropos, i also cannot see none of my 360 cameras.
i granted the SmartThings Support team with access, but till now nobody wants to help me.
I have four (4) remote hubs/locations so some panic enters in my brain.

I’m in the US. All my devices are there, but one really weird thing: a new location was created on my account on September 23, which has no devices, but I didn’t create that location. :thinking:


Are you using or ?

On pinsky I can see my devices.
They are always listed per separate location.
On my SmartThings I get a 500 error.

And my installed 360 aeotec cameras only show a recent still when I play a little with the menu.

EU support is in the UK you can try them


Mail address?

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Thx. Will try it.

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I presume


Commercial websites in some specific countries use names with .co and then the country abbreviation.

In the UK, it is

For example, Amazon in England is at

Computer World in England is at

The BBC owns as well as their global site at

And Smartthings UK support uses for their email.

The following page explains the use of this domain structure:

Buy .CO.UK Domain - Register Domain Name.

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Thank you very much.
It worked!

Feel stupid. Never too old (75) to learn.