PlotWatt "Free" Going Dark for Residential?

PlotWatt worked last weekend, but now no matter how I log into it, my House doesn’t appear in the list. All of my data appears to have been removed… A letter to PlotWatt was quickly responded to, and let me know that PlotWatt residential has been removed while they explore the offerings going forward.

Well I hope I don’t jinx myself but my residential plot watt is still working.

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Here is the response I received from Brett Sayre.

Hello […],

PlotWatt has put the residential product on hold while we evaluate the offerings. We will notify users if we start the residential product again.

Very Best,

PlotWatt Team

I believe you, just saying mine is still working. Maybe it will stop today

No worries, I hope yours stays working! I notice the Add House form still opens, but I haven’t tried to add my house back.

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+1 still works on my house. Thanks for posting news, good to know it might disappear.

Mine stopped this afternoon. Very upsetting, don’t know of another free service. Does anyone know one?

I just went to check, and mine still shows data, but hasn’t posted anything new since Tuesday.

My Plotwatt is still accepting data. But I’m sure I’ll be next to lose it.

Bidgely was one, but they are supposedly not allowing direct customer data as of 1/1/17

I’ve used both Bidgely and Plotwatt for over a year and they never were able to get to the point of figuring out my appliances. They were forever stuck in “Learning mode”

As of today, my Plotwatt works but still is “Learning”

Hopefully if they both go away and come back, they’ll have this figured out.

both my plotwatt and bidgely are still working

The learning never worked for me either.

Coincidence – not sure… I have been using this service for many years, connected my home meter using the BlueLine solution. I probably check in to the web site 3 or 4 times a month, more in the summer (live in Las Vegas). Today, I logged in and noticed the service showed that it was not receiving any data. Couple times a year, the BlueLine bridge needs to be re-synced with the transmitter attached to my meter – not a hard task as I have to do it every time I replace the batteries on the transmitter unit on the meter. Sure enough, there was the visual indicator on the WiFi bridge (red LED) light on which meant it was not connected to the transmitter (should be green). I decided to replace the batteries and re-sync the unit. All is good, and I can login to the WiFi bridge and it sees everything it should, including showing it is connected to Plotwatt. However, when I go back into my account (or try to I should say), I can no longer login at , selecting login, entering my credentials. The request times out now.

Been like this past several hours. I sent an email to Plotwatt – will share what I hear.

As to other posters hear about learning – I question the logic behind it. my account did start showing data points for various types of things. Cooling was a very small number (~$60 a month). Trust me, living in LV with two 5 ton units, 14 seer costs more than that compared to what I pay overall monthly. Still, I enjoy seeing all of the data on usage from my home over time. It has been a useful tool to help tweak other appliances, lights, pool pump run times, etc. It has help me save some $$.

*** Update @ 2:45 PM PST 2/28/2017 ***
I can login again to the site. I assume they had some type of infrastructure problem. I have not received any email back from them (yet). Anyway, my electrical usage is still uploading to Plotwatt and I am able to get into my account to review real-time and historical usage.

*** Update @ 4:20 PM PST 2/28/2017 ***
Read about the large East AWS outage. I will put $$ down that this was related. Timelines make sense. I know there other services are in the AWS cloud, i.e. I remember ready something on their blog sites about having infrastructure at AWS…

Just checked again, still dark for me. I can log in, but my Houses list is still blank.

Received this email today:

Dear PlotWatt Early Adopter,

We’re writing to let you know that PlotWatt is discontinuing its support for 3rd party residential energy monitors on March 31st, 2017.

In the past, PlotWatt has invited residential users to sign up and connect their TED, PowerCost Monitor, eGauge, and other meters with their web account, providing energy insights and appliance-level usage data.

At PlotWatt, we are personally and passionately committed to saving energy and protecting the Earth and our natural resources. As our product has evolved, we realized we could make the most significant impact on efficiency in commercial and retail buildings, where energy waste often goes unnoticed. Every time we add a new business customer location, the waste remediation is equivalent to removing 4 average American homes from the grid!

In order to focus our efforts on these business and utility partnerships, we will no longer accept data from 3rd Party residential energy monitors, and will close down access to our legacy energy dashboard.

If you would like to keep a record of your data, you can find a ‘Download’ button on the Trends tab of your dashboard. Select a date range and download your usage data in GreenButton format.

Thank you so much for being an early-adopter, and thank you for proactively pursuing energy efficiency for your home. Every kWh counts.

Your friends at PlotWatt

not working an no download button… nothing all i can do is change my password

I did download everything last night appx 6pm EST. one month at a time. It never did identify any specific loads.

logged in fine… houses just show no houses

I’m in the same boat - got my notification my data would be available until April 1… then poof!

Plotwatt was nice as far as some graphing as easy setup but as others have pointed out, mine never got past “learning”.

Does anyone know of another free option and have a setup guide for us not so technical guys?
I don’t mind using something like google sheets, I just really like having the data graphed out so I drill down on the data.