Please please please make Smart Home Monitor useful

I love SmartThings for home automation but for security (via Smart Home Monitor) it is basic and useless!!!

It is frustrating because I have all the cameras, door sensors and motion sensors in place to have a decent home security system but I wouldn’t dare connect a siren otherwise it would go off every hour due to the lack of configuration options/control in Smart Home Monitor!

Please SmartThings… please increase the sophistication of the Smart Home Monitor configuration options!

For instance, when configuring “Armed (Away) Instrusion Sensors” all I can currently do is select door and motion sensors A2C9D0A6-B318-4EA4-A65F-3AE7828E4E8B|281x500… no further configuration refinement is offered.

This means when a car headlight passes through my house I get false alarm after false alarm!!! What I need is the option to select the sensitivity of the ”Armed (Away) Instrusion Sensors” routined! I need an option to say only alert if a sensor goes of 3 times in a 2 min period OR only alert if 3 different zones (or sensors) go off over a 5 min period. (THESE ARE CRUDE EXAMPLES OF REQUIREMENTS WHICH CAN BE REFINED).

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