Please Make Geofence Handle Bigger

It’s too hard to resize the Geofence handle in the Android mobile app. I don’t know why, but it’s very difficult to change the size of the radius.

Try touch and holding on to the dot for a second before moving. I find if I try and drag it instantly it just moves the map but if I touch and hold on the black dot for a 1/2 a second or so without moving it’ll jump and then I can drag it.

Is there a minimum radius for the geofence? When setting mine, the minimum is about a 500’ radius / 1000’ diameter. I’d like to get it smaller if possible.

Yeah it’ll only go so far, would be nicer if it were a little smaller but then it’d rely on your device being more accurate with its position, which could be a problem.

For me, technically if I entered our complex through the other entrance, if either of our phones were on the ball, we’d ‘arrive home’, then ‘leave home’ and then arrive again as we drove through to get home.

Thankfully we don’t use that entrance but I can definitely see the current minimum radius being an issue for some.