Please help with device handlers

please help. i have a smartthings v2 hub. ihave been able to pair things that display “works with smartthings” logos. however, i have not been able to pair other things that claim (online) to work with smartthings.
ive seen videos of these products on youtube where people log into the samsung page and add device handlers.
im not clear as to the EXACT process on a completely ignorant level. could someone please answer the following

  1. after adding the device handler and publish for me, do i then go back and add the device in ST app because some devices say add device handler first
  2. does the device handler make smartthings recognize the product? ive had many products that dont say (works with smartthings) that arent discovered during pairing process.
  3. if it doesnt, then how are people able to get 3rd party products recognized?

Which app are you using… SmartThings Classic or SmartThings (Samsung Connect)?

classic version but ive tried the newer version with no luck.

See if the following FAQ helps at all. This is for use with the smartthings classic app. ( this is a clickable link)


anyone with an answer please feel free to help out

  1. As long as you haven’t previously paired the device as a ‘Thing’ and saved it then yes you should certainly attempt to install it using the Classic app. It is a particularly good idea if you have a Zigbee or Zwave device. Probably futile for an IP based one on WiFi or using a server in the cloud (those typically use a Smart app to do the device discovery or configuration).
  2. The device certainly won’t be identified without a device handler. Zigbee and Zwave devices will give out a ‘fingerprint’ in the pairing process that might be matched to details included in a device handler. However bear in mind they may also match more than one device handler so you might not get the one you intended, and they may match none (the device will be detected as a ‘Thing’).
  3. The FAQ in an earlier reply covers this. You can use the IDE to edit the details of the device and tell it which device handler to use.
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As long as the device is recognized as a zwave “thing” or a zigbee “thing,” You can then follow the instructions in the FAQ in post 4 above and change it to the DTH of your choice. So it doesn’t usually matter that smartthings doesn’t know exactly what it is at the time of joining - – the DTH will take care of it once you have manually assigned it.

The exception is usually devices which have both a “parent“ and a “child“ device ID. In order for the children to be created correctly, the device has to join with the right DTH. There are also a few devices that have to go through an authorization step with a third-party cloud, and they may also need to have the right DTH before they are joined. And there are a few more devices that need to go through a specific configuration sequence at the time of joining. So that’s why you will sometimes see a DTH that has specific instructions to publish the DTH before you try to join the device.

Here is an example of a device that needs to have the DTH published before the join:

So theoretically every zwave and zigbee device should show up? I have tried unsuccessfully dome water shut off(zwave plus), Monoprice Door/Window Sensors(zwave) and none showed up in the add thing screen, not even as generic

If you are using the classic app, yes. The new app doesn’t yet have all the functionality of the old one.

OK, this item can be tricky. when you press the button on it, you have to do it rapidly. When you include the Water Main Shut-Off, the button has to be triple-tapped in a very specific rhythm, approximately 3 times in one second . If it’s not tapped correctly, it won’t include.

You may also want to do a general device exclusion on it, then try to add it.

try removing the battery as you try to add it :slight_smile: and/or press the button inside it

I think I got a dud on the dome product. I’ve tried everything (over 250 times) from 3 in one second to 3 in three seconds to press and hold for upwards of 20 secs. 2” away from hub to 2 feet and much further. Still all I get is steady blinking light. It seems as though exclusion is same process just different steps in the app.

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hope you get it resolved. let us know