PLEASE HELP visonic mct-550 water sensor

Does ST Support visonic mct-550 water sensor ?

As with your other questions regarding Visonic sensors, probably not since they’re using proprietary protocols. This isn’t an ST issue.

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i am able to pair not sure which type to use

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Ok, that’s good then! Change the type to SmartSence Moisture Sensor in the IDE. You may need to perform a rejoin so it resends configuration settings again. Don’t delete the device to rejoin, but search in the Community for threads on that, or see the rejoin process for SmartThings sensors on their support site.

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thanks John…can u provide the thread for rejoin…as i was not able to find

I’m mobile right now, so searching isn’t easy on my phone. It should be the same process as joining, except on the device you want to reset it while you have the hub in inclusion mode (add a thing). Resetting the device could be as easy as removing the battery and putting it back while pressing a button, or pressing a button on the device a certain amount of times. Read your device’s user guide for specific reset instructions. The important thing to remember is that you don’t delete the device from ST, and the hub inclusion process will not stop until you stop it after resetting the device and waiting for a few seconds. Check and look for device support.

Thanks John …I did the same but didnt worked below things are not getting updated…i think smartsense moisture code need to twisted little bit as it was done for Bosch motion sensor and Sercomm sensors…

  • application:
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer:
  • model:

Any advise on it.