Please, help me to modify this handler to control roomba via zigbee

sorry for a very noob question.
I’m building an IR remote for my roomba adding the IR part to the arduino code of this project:

Easy job, now when the led turn on it also blast an IR code cloned from the original remote.
The zigbee works fine with ST and the handler too, but the code is for a switch, I need a monetary button.
When selected it has to go on, send the code and than go back off.
I know I have to change the tile properties on the handler but it’s a little complex for me.

Thanks for help

p.s. I can post my modded code if you think it can be useful to somebody else.

Solved, not the cleanest handler but in works!

Just in case here it the ST momentary Zwave switch DH. It may help you with your Zigbee code. If you look at the push function you will see a delay between commands. You just need to do that. There is also a push capability too

My roomba now is internet connected!
There is a lot of space inside the old roomba doking station. I addend a DcDc to have 5V for the arduino and xbee.
The only part in sight is the IR led on top.
Now I can program the roomba, start it from internet or via Google assistant.

Next is the HDMI switch.

any update, build details?