Please bring back the original dashboard (Things Tile View)

The original dashboard view was the one thing I used 99% of the time I used the app. In one screen I could tell the status of lights, temperature, doors etc. Now I have to go to the Dashboard/Things and scroll up and down all the time. Why is a large portion of the screen real estate wasted to show the Mode?

Please bring back the original dashboard.


I second this. I miss the old dashboard. It was useful, easy to read, easy to re-order and just plain worked. ST changed something that didn’t need to be changed. Newer isn’t always better.

Except it needed text labels. I like the idea of text labels in the new app, but agree a quick view screen with more icons per page is needed.

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The Android App will be modified to not have the header so large all the time in that view.


Appreciate the promised change on the header size but the grid layout of the things with status was immensely useful. Please being that back (at least as an optional layout).


I agree, we should just have an option to make the things view have a list display, or an icon display. Ordering of the list display similar to how we could re-order the old icon display would be very very helpful.


But at least it was usable. I used it multiple times a day. Now I hate even trying. I can only View 4 things when I could view 12 and in the order I wanted them. Txt labels would have been a nice addition to the old view.

Suggestion. Why not let us choose how we want Things displayed. Either Old Icon View or New List View. A simple option on the drop down menu.


Pardon the SmartApp plug here, but you can get a great (but lean featured) Tiled Dashboard view via:


It took a little getting use to, but I like the new app. The Smart Lighting app has been working much better than the old lights&switches and has more features. It seems a lot of people in the ST community hate change, sometimes change is good, you just have to give it a chance…


The dashboard was key for me too. I like having my door sensors show the temp, I have alerts for if the doors are opened at the wrong time. Now I have to dig through screens to see the info I want. Ugh.


If that many people at this community and Google play store hated certain thing changed. I would think it’s a good idea to bring it back. Example would be Windows 8 no taskbar to 8.1 taskbar. We hated not because of changes but for functionality.


Yes, you are right, if enough people do not like something, from a customer service point of view, they may need to change it. However, the functionality of the new app, once I got use to it is fine, but, if they go back to the way it was, that works also.

This version takes a step back and destroys a beautiful dashboard for a meaningless alphabetical order list.


I doubt it.

The only thing that might help is if we bombarded Tech Support (, as they have to log all the requests.

You can rearrange the orders of most (all?) the lists. Drag and drop them to rearrange - works in Dashboard, Rooms (Pick Reorder from Menu), Devices in Room (Menu/Edit room) but not Things.

So you should be able to get a decently organized set of devices for easy control

Make “rooms” like “Doors” and “Upstairs Lights” or whatever group makes sense - a “room” is just a group in the old app - and then you can do basic control of devices that way. The list is “live” - tapping a light turns it on/off. Tapping a lock locks/unlocks it.

It’s half a dozen to one, six to the other. Different? Yes. Annoying? At first. Usable? yeah…

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This was a first pass and many things that the design team has envisioned has yet to be implemented. While we won’t likely see the return of the dashboard as it was, there are things that will be coming back: selectable sensor to be displayed in list, ability to reorder or filter the list, ability to hide things from that list (hue hub anyone?), more.

Keep the suggestions coming.

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  • Ability for a Thing to be shown in more than one group (i.e., arbitrary number of shortcuts / links to the Device), each with a selectable Main Tile view – thus even valid for the Thing to be displayed multiple times in the same Group.



+1million and some more


Personally with Wink I hate the way it just sprays all your devices on one page so I have to scroll until I find specifically my night stand lights, specifically in my room and from what I can tell, the old ST dashboard is the same, personally I’ve always thought it would be better if devices were categorised in a tree and from what I’ve read, that’s sort of what they do.

Personally when I initially go into the app I’d want it to be organised as follows:

Hub (if multiple are applicable) --> Floor (if applicable) --> Room --> Device categories (Lights, A/C, sensors, etc) --> Devices in that category.

It would be nice if you could upload floor plans to the app and then place the various devices on them, that way you could also have an ‘overview’ and it could use smaller icons and colours to represent the status of the various devices or any alerts.


Folder within folder. That would be awesome.