Please any help "phones to unlock front door"

Can someone please help me set up our phones to unlock my front door? I have been using the classic app for 7 years and just switched to the new app and I can’t figure how to do it. THANK YOU for any help.


Is this what you are looking to achieve. I dont use this but you can achieve the below using automations in the new app.

yes whats what I’m looking to do. I have 3 family members under the “if” part what would u set the “when” part too? I have it on “someone isn’t at home” now

I wrestled with this as well after migrating. Some pointers:

  1. A number of people have reported that they needed to delete and re-add their phones under the new app before presence started working. I ended up doing this and presence started working a day or so later.
  2. I’m finding the if-then automation a bit flaky overall, and I’m not ready to depend on it for locks. I now use @RBoy Lock User Manager presence-based activation, which is working like a charm.

ill try the deleting and reinstalling hopefully that helps… thank u

Yes Presence is somewhat flaky and hence I do not use it by itself for door locks and unlocks. I have placed a small nfc tag outside my door and use it along with tasker to unlock the door. Me and my wife when we are at the door just need to tap our phone to it and it works like a charm.

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I watch people on YouTube doing that kind of stuff on my Tesla, that’s a good idea ill try that. ill try ordering from Amazon… thanks