Playstation 4 interferance

I have noticed that a number of my sensors will not work properly when I use my PS4. I am wondering if somehow the PS4 has some kind of bandwith control? I could manually plug the PS4 in, but this means investing in more hubs and wires. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Is your SmartThings Hub next to your PS4?

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Not exactly no. It’s in the same room, but it’s a good 7 foot away.

I would expect this to be some sort of radio interference, not necessarily bandwidth issues. Since your Hub is multiple feet away from the PS4 I’m not sure how that would be happening.

Are you using any ZigBee bulbs?

It sounds more like a bandwidth problem or a network issue. Which router are you using?

Your router may set QoS (Qualtiy of Service) automatically and maybe it’s set to give precedence to streaming devices. While the playstation is a game system, it may be giving the PS4 priority over your smartThings hub. It’s a stretch.

If you have a way to turn off QoS or set Priority to certain devices you can play around with that and see if there is a difference.

I will just add that I have quite a few wireless devices in my house and multiple steams simultaneously. Initially I had problems with smartThings events triggering, so I increased my speeds. After the boost, smartThings improved drastically.

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What brand and model of sensors?