Playing custom messages on Sonos

I’ve got my Sonos players added but cant seem to figure out how to play a custom message at a certain time. I can only play a custom message if my water sensor detects a leak. How do I simply set a message to play on a schedule?

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Big Talker

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The “Speaker Notify with Sound” Smartapp. You can find it under Marketplace -> Smartapps -> Music & Sounds.

Installed but seems very buggy. Sometimes works and sometimes doesnt. Sometimes the messages get cut off in the middle. Cant just view current settings.Cant simply change a setting. Have to go through entire config menu if I want to make a change. There has to be an easier way to play a custom message through Sonos…Anyone?

I’m using Tasker with an android tablet and bluetooth speaker. Using the AutoNotification plugin, it can intercept any notification I want - and either read that notification aloud or speak a custom message. Presumably, the Sonos system would function equally as the Bluetooth speaker.

EDIT: on re-reading the OP, Tasker can also play scheduled messages… and can apply if-then logic to them. So that the same context/action that on Monday says “put out yard waste” can on Wednesday say “put out recycling”.

And I’m finding that messages that play completely on the tablet by itself tend to get their first syllable or two chopped in the Bluetooth connection. So I have added ’ f ’ prior to any announcement; it is a soft unobtrusive sound should it ever be heard, and fills that gap so the message plays in its entirety.

Only time that happens to me is if more than one notification tries to come through at the same time. [quote=“lansa, post:4, topic:46243”]
Cant just view current settings.

Click on Status

Click on Configure events. Click on Tap to modify. Modify and done. No need to go through whole menu

If it is a one time message just use Talk Now.