Platform Update - Release Notes - 11/23/2015


  • Fix discovery issue when trying to re-discover LAN based devices after removing them and trying to add them back to a location


  • Fix height of IDE editor

Was this done or is it scheduled?

It’s been done. Went out yesterday.

Is this why my lighting automations failed last night? Every time there is an update, something breaks. One would think this would get figured out at some point.


Whatever happened to the scheduled maintenance e-mail and for it to run during the early AM hours?

This is not a firmware update. It is a platform update.

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So Tim, not trying to be rude here, just trying to understand. I’ve asked this question before, but didn’t get the answer expected. So, I am trying again. What do you call the update that removed Sonos notification and why that wasn’t advertised. What do you call the update that fixed the motion lighting, which I was assured by support that I will be notified but never happened. Also, what do you call the updates of enabling and disabling setlevels in stock apps.

Why is it too much to ask for ST to be transparent and keep its devoted memebers up to date on changes. I don’t even ask about future updates, just the ‘minor’ updates that tend to screw up people’s set ups, which occur pretty frequently. I am sure you have an internal log of what thse are, why cannot you share it here? We are a minority, so is not like you’d publish it on WSJ…


This is completely broken, we removed it until we get it fixed permanently. I also mentioned this in the post where I am communicating on the text-to-speech stuff. Removing a broken feature, that we have acknowledged, doesn’t really require a full press release.

We are not purposefully enabling and disabling setLevel anywhere, it is a bug and we are working to resolve it. Each device works differently with setlevel and we are honing in on how to handle each device separately. The current firmware release I am testing has everything working pretty well for setlevel. As i have mentioned before each fix for a local running smartapp requires a firmware update, which we do not take lightly (wink anyone?). This is the reason it has taken such a long time.

I share everything and anything I am allowed to and always will.


Is there a locally qualified zwave dimmer device type available?, if so, where is it?

Ge dimmers are listed on my local list. They run locally, but dimming is hit and miss. Oh and Leviton are local too. I get more consistent results with those…(both are under device type dimmer switch)

It’s in the firmware

uhh, yea, I know that, which device type in the IDE is it?

Dimmers = Dimmer Switch
Switches = Z-Wave Switch


thanks dude!..