Platform Update - Release Notes - 11/13/2015


  • Fix LIFX login issues in UK

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How do you register a LIFX light bulb with UK SmartThings ? I only have the option for Philips hue in the SmartThings app?

Hmmmm. You don’t see it under Light Bulbs?

Nope, I only have Philips Hue as an option there. (Using latest Android version)

Ok, I’ll check on this. Sorry about that :frowning:

Apologies for a UK post here when we have our own forum but we don’t see much at all in any of these sections of the app. In fact in the three entries under Lights and Switches, there is just one manufacturer in each , mostly with only one or two devices - is that as expected ? It seems very sparse.

Under Lights and Switches there is

Light Bulbs > Philips > … (Hue Lightbulb UK, Bloom UK, LightStrip UK)
Switches and Dimmers > Aeon Labs > … (Energy Switch UK, Z-Wave Micro Dimmer)
Outlets > Samsung Smart Things > …Outlet (UK)

All the other areas are similarly sparse with just the odd ‘UK’ product listed but never a fuller list including perhaps US or worldwide products that might also work ?

We have for example only 2 cameras listed, 1 lock, 2 open/closed sensors, 3 motion sensors, 1 temp sensor, 3 speakers. I appreciate you perhaps only list when UK frequency Z-Wave devices are available but ZigBee or IP devices should be OK. For example there are only 2 cameras (Samsung and D-Link 5222L UK) ??

Are these lists correct and complete as intended in the UK ? It doesn’t make the ST hub look like it’s compatible with anything much at all. I’m guessing you see hundreds of devices listed over there.

Some clarification,

This is platform updates. We are readying the app update. :smile:

OK - Look forward to that, hopefully a longer list …:smile:

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So where are the release notes? Got email saying it will be pushed down tomorrow…this says release notes - but no notes?

This was the note for 11/13…Not for tomorrow’s update