Platform Stability (or Lack Thereof)

(Guy Martin) #1

So, SmartThings… you sent me a survey several weeks ago, asking, among other things, if I’d recommend your platform to friends/family.

I gave you a zero (I’d have given you a -1 million if possible). This time it’s the lovely combination of the mobile app and the platform. I had what I thought was a very simple request of your platform - add a new room (Guest Bathroom).

So, on Android, I chose ‘Add a Room’… what I got was the biggest pile of fetid garbage I’ve ever seen in technology (which I’ve used/helped develop for most of my adult life). Various red banners around ‘unexpected error’, ‘unauthorized to perform that operation’ and ‘your network seems to be having problems’ (ironic, because the rest of my network devices not related to ST are performing perfectly.)

In short, your system is a hobby platform at best, and not only do I not recommend it to people, I go out of my way to wave people off of getting on board with this thing. Before you ask, no, I haven’t emailed support. Quite frankly, they are useless to me (even chatting with them gets me nowhere). Yes, I’m probably one of your more technical users, and yes, this probably is the source of a lot of my frustration, but for crying out loud - your system CAN’T EVEN ADD A ROOM WITHOUT FAILING??? WTH is up with that?

UPDATE - creating a group/room fails in the IDE with this:

500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Sun Feb 21 02:44:10 UTC 2016

Update #2:

Creating the room in the IDE did ‘work’, but threw the error above. It remains to be seen if it will actually function as a group. And yes, I’m a persistent son-of-you-know-what. Guess what, the kind of users you’re aiming this platform at aren’t. This is unacceptable.