PlantLink-DirectMonitor 1.2 Released

Well that is the rub. PlantLink is dead, acquired by Scotts Lawn. Scotts lawn is releasing new probes and hubs. They announced at CES. If you look at the Scott’s FB page you will see my conversation with them where they said it was going to be Locked int GRO only. I am looking for a new option that is more open.

OK but will the original still work with ST, I have been looking around and have found nothing that will work.

My 3 are still working, for now

I have indoor Bonsai, and are very water sensitive, so I need to find something. I would buuy a Plantlink sensor only if one was available.

Depending on the size of the Bonzi and the soil it is setting in, the plantlink might be too big. There are other option out there that run on Bluetooth. but I liked the PlantLink would talk to ST and valves to handle the watering.

How tall is it?

the probes are about 4 inches, the top is 4 - 5 inches. About inch and a half in diameter

Thank you, might be too tall. Maybe the Xiaomi is smaller, but no ST integration.

Spruce Sensors work real good, I tried 5 of them now and I get very consistent reading all the time, where PlantLink will change it reading on the battery level by a lot.

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you have a working device type handler?

What is the name or fingerprint?

I see now:
Question: Does it work with Smartthings?
Answer: Yes, the sensor will pair with Smart Things. After purchasing we can give you code to make it compatible to ST, just send us a note to our support team via

Smartthings Handler for Spruce sensors gen2 already added to Device List. They work really good. You will need to request code for the Spruce irrigation controller gen2 if you have one as well. I will post Youtube video on how to connect both sensors and controller.

Spruce sensor will automatically connect when you put it in discovery mode. Device type already in the Smartthings devices under “Spruce Sensor” handler. See below.


Does anyone know if it’s possible to integrate the Scotts Gro water sensor into SmartThings? Their site indicates that their hub is required but thought perhaps a device type could be created. There isn’t a detailed spec sheet on their site, unless I’m just not looking in the right place. I did find the installation guide and it stated the hub to sensor range was up to 300 feet, which is similar to zigbee and zwave.

Amazon says no… see asked questions

I asked Scotts directly and they said no as well. It is a shame, was a nice tool, now I must find something else because I will not use the Scotts solution since they locked it down.

Anyone selling user PlantLink Probes, I would be interested. LOL

with HD having them on sale for 25 bucks
it might be worth the investment to see if someone can figure out a DH for one to connect to ST.

If there’s a will there’s a way. Hopefully an intriguing challenge for someone out in the ST community to create a custom DH.
Yes please :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

I have purchased kit Scotts-Gro-Water-Sensor - , I tried connecting the sensor to smartthings, it found a “new thing” device but reports no DATA and device shows “unknown”. Did anyone come across a device handler that will work with Scotts Gro Water Sensor?

generally profile Zigbee HA 1.2 is compatible with Smartthings and COULD be integrated in a standard way. Zigbee-HA(nothing) is typically proprietary and not publicly documented so integration would be difficult

The way to tell is, pair the sensor and find its fingerprint in Smartthings IDE. Proprietary typically looks like
Raw Description 01 0104 FFFF 00 01 0000 00 .

I thought it was already said somewhere the Scotts sensors are proprietary.

They did not use proprietary when they talked to me about it. They just said “Not Supported”

Yeah I think I saw it, too bad cannot t be hacked, pretty nice sealed sensors. I have issues with first generation PlantLink, I have to seal them with polyurethane caulk every time open to change battery. If moisture gets in sensor completely fails. Spruce seamed to have better sealed system but I have 2 out of 6 failed when moisture got inside. After completely drying out sensors would work but drain expensive battery in one or 2 days. I guess I just have to come up with good way seal them.