PlantLink-DirectMonitor 1.2 Released

Got it … I guess I’ll keep things within the PlantLink ecosystem for now. I’ve been beta testing for them during their iOS app release & am liking the user experience overall. Even rcvd. a free PlantLink for participating :grinning:

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This looks like it’s limited to using the wrong devicetype. If your not using the devicetype in the first post (PlantLink Direct Sensor) you will get wrong info or it won’t work. If your devicetype is Plant Link or PlantLink this app will not work for you.

For those who have migrated over to the official plantlink device, This is the updated app.

Have anyone successfully connected PlantLink sensor to IFTTT through Smartthings yet? I Would like to order PlantLink sensor this month.

Why use IFTTT for this? You can directly connect the sensors to SmartThings. Works good for me!

I would like to integrate PlantLink to IFTTT to trigger my Rachio to turn specific water station for period of time. I can trigger for now with “Alexa Eco” but has to be done manually. I wounder if it can be seen through Smartthings water or moisture sensor to trigger Rachio before I buy this sensor.

With Kristopher Kubicki’s device handler… Yes, it is possible. With OSO’s device handler, no.

It did work with Kristopher Kubicki’s device handler as humidity sensor to trigger IFTTT. Now I can set Rachio sprinkler timer for specific plant and time period to water it when humidity falls bellow certain level. Thanks a Lot.

I assume if I setup this way I ignore all the PantLink stuff, hub, website, ect…

Yup. Need the Plantlink paired to ST hub then switch to this device type.

When I set it up with the official setup it reports - Water good, 38% moisture, 82% battery. When I switch the device type it reports- 0%, too dry, 69% battery, 2.9V and 1039u

Any ideas?

You may have to play with the soil settings. They will drastically change the % reading. Also it only takes reading every 15 minutes so it did take me a while to chart it.

Here is a chart I made comparing the different settings. I have a Spruce soil moisture sensor so I used that as a base to figure out which matched the best, which was sandy loam for me. It does take into account temp from skimming the device type and tracks pretty close to my Spruce.

I changed it to a bunch of different soil types and waited, the 1039u number changed…but never got off of red too dry.

Maybe I need to remove it all and start over.

Sit the probes in a glass of water that’s how I tested my spruce sensors. Should read pretty wet. :slight_smile:

The soil selections are so much smaller than the plant link app options. Will there be any updates to this device type.

Have a question, if you setup this way does it no longer connect to the PL website?

I like the chart on PL app/site.

If no, is there a way to chart doing this way?

What a shame plantlink is dead. I loved their product. Anyone know of another product that does the same thing? Or Close too it?

They were acquired by Scotts Miracle Grow & they recently sent out an announcement to “stay tuned” for future product. We’ll just have to wait & see. I was an early backer when they launched on Kickstarter & still have several of those original links humming right along … but only as standalone, never able to get the PL / ST integration to work properly.


I guess you missed the memo. All the HW was on display at CES. I actually reached out to Scotts and asked about compatibility, and it was Scotts that told me it was going to be closed eco system.

I had 4, but 1 died. Had it integrated though ST, and running great. If you upgrade to Gro, I would be interested in buying your used probes.

OK, I see it works stand alone no Plantlink Hub. But where can I buy just a sensor? Is there another product that works with SmartThings?