Pixel 6 location not tracking

Last week my pixel 6 updated to the January firmware and noticed that none of my location routines were not running. Since pretty much all my automations are location based this really messed things up.
So I look at my automations and looks like all the location based routines were removed and then in smartapps it had unselected which presence sensor to use.
Just had to remake those routines and seems like everything is working now.
So just a PSA to other pixel 6 users if you notice automations not running.

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What you are describing is the equivalent of disabling and reenabling the Location tracking in the app. The mobile presence device is deleted and a new one created. The app is a little aggressive when a device is deleted and removes the old device from Scenes and Routines, and if that results in Scenes or Routines that are no longer viable it deletes them. For a similar reasons, don’t take uninstalling STHM lightly either.

There really ought to be s notification when this sort of thing happens as clearly devices aren’t always deliberately deleted.