Piston event

If I set a simple check event for water sensor temperature >=65 and then notify and save the piston. It does not trigger until I either test or execute the URL. (Next scheduled: never)

My question does that not happen because the temperature is already >=65, so if the temperature was below 65 and then it goes above, the piston will trigger automatically?. As a workaround, I can do a timer every 1 hour and check for the temperature, and that works… trying to understand how the event will work in the pistons.

If you post the piston it will be easier to help you. However, did you use a trigger or a condition? Is there a lightning bolt next to your condition on the same screen where you hit “Test”? If not, it is a condition and you should change it to a trigger.

Also, if you post this on the webCoRE forum you might get even more help!

Here is the piston.

This is checking for <=65

The one I am talking about (deleted it) with >=65 . This is very simple piston.

If the device has not sent an event then it will not trigger.

SO if the temp in this piston is below 65 already it will not trigger until it goes above and then below again? Or should I have a continuous loop check every 1 hour.

That’s correct. The lightning bolt on the side indicates a trigger, meaning the device event that matches that condition will make the piston run.

If you want a continuous monitor then a timer would probably work best and then create your actions based on the result of the temp evaluation.

Ok, so the reason it did not trigger is because it was already <65.
So if I am checking a motion sensor it will trigger becausethe motion sensor will be change status to on when someone moves, which is different than the temperature where it was already <=65 correct?

It will trigger again when the device reports another temp change that matches your condition.