Piper Update

Piper has $100,000+ in pre-orders! What’s in store for the next $100,000?

Thanks to you, our backers, we’ve surpassed our goal of $100,000!

To say thank you and to keep you all involved, we’ve taken your feedback about the features you’d like to see in Piper and created several great stretch objectives for when we reach the $200,000 mark:

NAS (Network Attached Storage) - Connect Piper to your own network storage device and recorded video will automatically be redirected and saved there.

Geofencing - Automatic arming and disarming of Piper’s security when you leave your house and return.

Support for Z-Wave light dimmers - Control Z-Wave light dimmers through the Piper app.

Secondary Z-Wave controller - Piper can act as a secondary Z-Wave controller in an existing Z-Wave home automation network such as SmartThings.

New Piper color - Once we reach $200,000, backers who have contributed $219 or more will have a new Piper color option: translucent smoky grey!

*Some of these features may be available as a free software update after launch in November.

We couldn’t have done this without you, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about these new developments to the product we all love.

Piper Team

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