Piper purchased by iControl

Interesting…hope ST doesn’t go that route:

Acquisition by iControl

As you may have heard, Blacksumac, the maker of Piper, has been acquired by iControl Networks, a leading connected-home software provider powering many of North America’s smart home solutions.

We’re excited about what’s ahead, and we hope you are too.

It is important to us that you know your Piper service will not be affected by this event. Your current features and services will not change, and we have no intention of ever charging you for them. Being part of iControl will enable Piper to further innovate and grow, offering you new and advanced services in the future that will help you better manage your home and life.

Still have questions? Send us an email at info@getpiper.com and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

I was really hoping for a SmartThings / Piper integration. This doesn’t rule it out but it doesn’t help, either.

I didn’t know either companies but simply judging from their website it doesn’t look good. Feels like an old fashioned business buying young and fresh one to keep them from disrupting the established. Piper looks quite good, maybe not as versatile and expandable as ST but very well-thought out and well-designed product. (Especially their phone app UI is spot on, almost what I would want ST app to be like.) Hope they survive and continue to grow with more ideas and innovation, even under a new parent who may or may not feed them well enough :frowning:

I too was looking forward to the Piper integration (and possibly helping as well), but I agree with Ben that usually this type of acquisition doesn’t help the situation.

From my experience, these purchases pushes resources to fit the vision of the larger company(iControl), rather than extend resources to achieve the acquiree’s (Piper) vision.

Either way, I wish you both all the best, but I hope you guys are “smart” about how to handle this acquisition because, like many of us, we had some great things we expected from you as a young IoT company.