Pipe mounted water temperature sensor

Has anyone come across a temperature sensor that would work mounted to the side of a hot water pipe near the hot water heater?

See the following:

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The question remains. I don’t want to control anything, I just want a actual readout of the temperature. I want to read only the temperature, or as Alexa what is the temperature of the hot water. Not sure if these devices do that.

I clicked the link @JDRoberts provided and found several solutions…


Maybe I missed it, but those solutions don’t say anything about just reading temperatures.

Yes, they do. That’s what the probe does. The probe is just a temperature sensor that gets taped to the outside of the pipe. There’s nothing there about controlling anything, it’s all just measurement.

The point of that thread and the thread that it links to is that you don’t want to put anything with either batteries or radio right on the pipe itself because it can get too hot.

So instead, use a probe (specific models are discussed in that thread). The probe gets taped to the pipe And is attached with a tiny cable to a device which is smartthings – compatible and can report the temperature level that the probed attacks.

Again, full details in that thread. :sunglasses:


OK what I see is the Sornof which isn’t directly compatible with SmartThings. Or did I miss a product mentioned. Qubino Z-Wave Plus On Off Thermostat Module ZMNHID3 Only runs to 104 degrees, I need atleast 135 degrees.

You missed several devices, I’m not sure why.

The Qubino is obviously one.

The Fibaro FGK101 is talked about a lot. In the thread I linked to, , but that device has since been discontinued. I started another thread to see if anyone knows of a similar battery operated replacement.

There are multiple micros which are mains powered that can connect to a probe. This includes the FIBARO RGBW controller, the Fibaro Universal Sensor, and one of the Aeotec micros, But I don’t remember which one.

Thanks. I think I will go with the Sonoff and temp sensor and not have the connection to SmartThings, Unless I could figure out a way to do it.

I rethought my selection, and I am going with a QUBINO Z-WAVE PLUS ON OFF THERMOSTAT MODULE ZMNHID3, but I Haven’t found a 24V DC supply for it, and in the process of looking around.

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