Ping/ Poll and cold boot of device?


I have a network radio link to garage which keeps hanging, have setup a basic piston to ping the device, switch off if no response then switch back on again after 10 seconds (ie cold boot).
Works fine- except if the Smartthings outlet doesn’t respond which is happening sometimes.

How do I do a repeat until which will then wait 3 minutes for a ping response and rerun piston until healthy (ie power cycle again after 3 minutes)

Not cleaer if I need to nest or use a different piston type.


I have something like this setup. I use Host Pinger to ping a server. Host Pinger creates a Virtual Switch to say if ping is alive then turn on and if dead Turn Off.

The server is plugged into an Iris Smart Plug.

CoRE Piston setup that says
If server switch is off
Then turn off Smart Plug
Wait 5 seconds
Turn on
Wait 2 minutes
Follow up with Piston
Cancel on Piston State Change


Think I’m nearly there, but unclear on the “Cancel on Piston State Change”- can’t see this in possible tasks. Nearest I see is “only execute on piston state change” in action restrictions section, I’ve left this as false.

I’ve also added in a device “refresh” as I found the “ping” SmartApp I was using can be stale until you refresh refresh in the app.

Cancel on Piston State Change is all the way of the button of the action page. The page that you define an action like Turn Off…Wait…just scroll all the way to the bottom.

Found it, thanks!