Pin Code to Virtual Switch?

So here is my situation and I am looking for options. Currently, I use SimpliSafe as my alarm with a physical pinpad. I want to mount a wall tablet to run Smarttiles, Home Camera, etc. but my wife doesn’t want PinPads and Tablets on the wall. I have Simplisafe currently integrated with Smartthings and it’s tied to Smart Home Monitor, so I can arm and disarm SimpliSafe easily from ST. However, if someone breaks into my home, I don’t want them to be able to just tap a button in Smarttiles or even the native SimpliSafe app without putting in their own pin code. The Native SimpliSafe app allows a PIN code, but only one. I am wondering if there is a way I can have multiple PIN codes assigned to a ST action somehow?

I can use Pin codes from my Kwikset locks and assign SHM actions to them, but sometimes my mother in law uses her physical key. I can have her switch to a code though.