The advertisement on the ST website shows pictures on the Things tiles. How do you do this on IOS?

I believe those pictures are only on the category tiles, which can have a picture added by clicking the gear, then selecting Appearance. Individual Things cannot have a picture assigned to them.

The picture at shows the tiles in Things. Are these category tiles. How do you make category tiles? Have not see them yet.

Second section on that page, right? If so, then yes. It is basically the same as you do for native iOS apps.

From your Things menu in the iOS app, press and hold a tile. It will allow you to rearrange the tiles. Imsyead of just rearranging, drop one tile onto another. That creates the category.

I used that method a lot, but for some reason I sometimes just could not get two tiles to join and make a group. Here’s a better way:

You can easily create, rename, and create new groups without having to add devices.

I do find the selection of icons to pick from for devices are rather limited, and I wish I could add my own.

Thanks for the help. I was not aware of categories. Still a lot to learn.