Pico Remote integration?


I thought there was a prior posting on this, but can’t find it now.

I am torn between SmartThings (with it’s community support base, multi-sensors, and growing system) and Staples Connect (with it’s pico remote, and shades/blinds). Does anyone know if it is possible to integrate the pico remote (and shades if possible) into SmartThings, and/or a second hub that can be connected in? I am a beginner, so sorry for ignorant question.


(Andrew Urman) #2

I was actually writing a device report yesterday and came across blinds. It’s something that will come by the holidays since demand for them isn’t high and development time is scarce right now.

The Pico remote themselves aren’t coming anytime soon, but very similar wall controllers are in the pipeline. As much as I’d tell you get SmartThings I also can’t promise those two things in the very short term.

Get SmartThings anyway :stuck_out_tongue: