Physical momentary switch ideas wanted (Halloween ghost project)

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Halloween ghost, battery operated voice and glowing eyes currently activated by attached 2 wire momentary switch

How can i use St to activate the momentary switch ? I really want to use whatever i have rather than a complex electronic process

I just cant seem to figure out an easy way to do what i want, sit in doors and trigger the ghost or get my existing external movement sensor to trigger the ghost… i need some inspiration guys

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Here the problem is that you want to close the circuit on command. Or push the button. That’s going to require an additional device, and it sounded like you didn’t want to do that.

Cheers JD, fair enough, i was at a loss which section to put it in so dropped it in there

Im happy to make something or try anything but it has to be in the realms of simple

I have St pocket sockets, wifi pocket sockets, extension leads, old phone chargers, a hammer and a working knowledge of expletives so there must be something i can knock up that will create a brief contact

I guess thats how the ghost creates action, a brief contact in the switch on the end of the 2 wire cable attached to the head

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I suppose if you find the voltage that’s going to be supplied by the momentary contact, you could plug a matching phone charger into a smart plug, and tie one side to the switch output and the other to the ghost’s ground.

You could probably take apart a smart plug, find the relay, isolate it from the 120VAC input and connect your switch inputs to that, and see how big of a fire it starts…that option is very much at your own risk.

Putting together something from what you have seems likely to be a much more complex process than picking up something like this to connect to a smart plug:

First though you should try holding down the existing momentary switch for ~1 minute, to make sure it doesn’t trigger some kind of special mode or something, since that’s about as short of an on time as you’ll be able to achieve without a custom smartapp.

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A typical use case for a MimoLite.