Physical color controller for Hue Lights

This question comes up a lot. The short answer is that there isn’t anything off the shelf directly created for this purpose, I’m not really sure why not because you would think a lot of people could use it.

There are two popular options.

One) wall-mounted inexpensive wifi iPhone and put action tiles or any hue bridge app that you like on it.


  1. choose any battery operated multibutton device that works with SmartThings and label the buttons. The remotec 90 is popular because it has 8 buttons and each one can be tap, double tap, or long press, so you end up with 24 possible control options. It typically costs around $45 and is available on both the US and the UK frequencies.


But there are several other multibutton devices as well. Check the following FAQ. This includes both battery operated and mains powered devices and both wall mount and handheld, so read the descriptions carefully to make sure you’re getting what you want.

One additional option isn’t a wallmount, but is fun, practical, and intuitive. That’s a “mood cube.” Originally, most people made the cube themselves, but now there are some options you can buy. This has an accelerometer sensor inside of it so it can tell which face is up and trigger the appropriate scene. So on a six sided cube you could have one side for off and then five different lighting scenes. Kids and teens love this one, but it’s also fun just in a living room. It’s included in the buttons FAQ.


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