Photo burst when... app


I have been using “Photo Burst When…” app for a quite long time.
It was working fine. When one of my door contacts open, it took photos with a camera facing that door.
It was showing the photo in the activity feed within notifications. Now I don’t see the photo there for some time.
What happened to that feature ?
How can I get it back ?

And , apart from the “activity feed” , where can I see the taken photos ?


I just checked with my system and found the pics showed up within 3 seconds in my activity feed. Hope this helps you diagnose the situation.

On a semi related note, has anyone figured out how to get ST to send these pics from Photo Burst to a phone via MMS?

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I can’t see the photos in my activity feed.
How can I troubleshoot this ?

If I won’t be able to see the photos there, where else can I find them ?


Another way to get the picture is to go to the device’s page and swipe over to the ‘recently’ page. They should also show up there. If not, then try changing the app settings so it only takes one picture and see if that works.