Photo Burst supported Cameras

(Kuldip Pabla) #1

I am building a prototype where I want to send a still photo (snapshot) from a camera based on certain event(s). An event could be motion detected by motion sensor or a camera, or it could be a door bell. Once an even happens, a camera should send user a snapshot using Photo Burst. Could someone suggest devices sill work for the scenario - specifically, which camera works with Photo Burst?


(Ben Lebson) #2

You can check out my D-Link camera device types. They all support photo burst but have about a ~5-7 second minimum time between pictures. If you take them any quicker than that it will skip pictures occasionally.

( - Make your home your butler!) #3

Any camera that supports taking an image and exposed that capability will work with your app

(Kuldip Pabla) #4

Thank you ROby and Ben,

Based on Ben’s list, I got DCS-5222L and getting down to work on it. Let’s see how it goes.
One thing for sure is that DCS-5222L has a delay of roughly 7-10 secs for video stream :frowning:

(Kuldip Pabla) #5

Question to both of you ( I am trying both the codebases):
Where are the images stored and how can I access them?

thx in advance,