Phone presence affected by carrier?

My wife and I both have iPhones. Mine is an iPhone 6 on Verizon and hers is a iPhone 6s on T-mobile. My phone is consistently spot on with updating presence. Hers always seems to lag and frequently she sets off SHM because it thinks she is away still. When i look in the log I see her arrive around a minute after SHM went off. Both of us have the location settings the same and keep wifi on. Is it possible that the carrier (Verizon vs. T-Mobile) could make a difference in reporting presence to SmartThings?

There are a lot of factors that could affect presence detection. I can tell you that I have Verizon, albeit on an Android phone, and the presence detection is very unpredictable when used with Smartthings. It appears to be an ongoing problem for a lot of users in the forums.

I also have a Smartthings Presence Sensor and that is very flaky as well.

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Yes, don’t bother trying to troubleshoot the mobile presence problem. It’s everywhere, every device, every carrier and even ST’s very own presence sensors. They are well aware of the issue and it’s in their backlog along with 500 other issues, but to me, this one is probably the second biggest Achilles heel besides instability. I asked their CEO if they can conduct a poll and they did, and I believe only like 20% of people found it reliable in their homes.

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