Phone notifications sent to TV?

Has anyone been able to send phone/sms notifications to any new SmartHome devices or even pushing them to Echo, FireTV, Smart TVs?

I have not been able to dig up much anywhere really.

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Xfinity has an IFTTT integration that I’ve played with and works. But we don’t always have the x1 box as our primary source. Xbox is my primary.

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I send them to my FireTV via DLNA

Man - I wish someone did this for Tivo :slight_smile:

You can also automate spoken notifications with my attampt get my house to talk Jarvis like.

Do you happen to know if this works for Roku? I just cut the cord last night and I’m trying to decide if I want to go with a Roku 4 or FireTV. Never thought about setting it up this way and figure since I’m going to be spending way more time with the Roku or FireTV up this may be nice to mess around with.

I am assuming you want a pop up on the TV screen.

PushBullet ( has integration into Kodi

There is an app for FireTV:

Unfortunately you have to use the devices in question, its not built into the TV

Some options I’ve used to get notifications to the TV.

Samsung TV notification (older models only):
Background info:

Tool to discover TV capability:

Android app that send notification directly to older Samsung TVs:

Kodi and Kore (Kodi Remote app):
If you use Kodi you can setup the Kodi remote app Kore on your Android. Enable “Send Notifications While Playing” option to get phone/text notification to Kodi. Works well with Android but not sure if this works with iOS version.

Kodi for SmartThings (SmartApp):
You can use this with CoRE to send notifications from ST to Kodi using sendNotification() capability. You can even run Addons to do things like having live camera feeds pop up on Kodi when there’s motion activity in ST as an example.
[RELEASE] Kodi for SmartThings BETA

I have a newer 2015 Samsung Tizen TV. I guess I’m out of luck? I don’t see a way to get Kodi on it.

I also have an LG and Sharp which appear to be SOL as well. TV notifications seem to be a really good use case. I run TiVo on them.

How are you sending them to Fire tv via DLNA? Did you have to create device using DLNA media player handler?

There is an app called Notifications for Android TV. If you have an Android TV and Android phone/tablet, it works.

Pardon my ignorance but I don’t see how an AirPlay/DLNA receiving app can give SmartThings notifications on Fire tv? Is it for verbal notifications? And do you always have the app open on Fire tv in order to receive notifications? What if you were to be watching Netflix or something?

It makes it the same as a Sonos, Fabriq speaker, etc. for text to speech announcements. I don’t use it any more since certain apps didn’t resume as well as others.