pHMeasurement capability presentation

Is there still an issue with the pHMeasurement capability? I’m able to post events to it that show in history, but nothing displays in the detail view. Same display in both Android and iOS, though the values do display in the web interface.

Hey, @philh30

Thank you for highlighting this issue, I’ll proceed to report it right away!

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Thanks @erickv. I’m also having trouble with the ‘refresh’ and ‘bypassable’ capabilities. Neither one shows in detail view of Android or iOS. The CLI shows that ‘bypassable’ lacks a presentation, but ‘refresh’ should render a pushButton.

By design, the Refresh capability was meant to be triggered by swiping down the detail view of the device and pressing the refresh button on the dashboard.

And regarding the Bypassable capability, I reviewed the API and noticed that it doesn’t support any presentation yet, so that’s why it won’t show anything on the app, but the device updates will be compatible with the API.

However, please allow me to double-check this information with our metadata engineers.


Hey, @philh30

I’ve shared your inquiries with our engineers and they’re aware that there are few stock capabilities that lack of presentation, and they keep working on addressing these issues as soon as possible.

This has been considered as well for the Refresh capability, which does own a presentation, but doesn’t explicitly renders an action at the device’s detail view.

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Thanks for the update. I played around with Refresh tonight and was able to trigger the capability handler. That choice for the interface is pretty slick - much better than wasting screen space on a button. As a suggestion, I think it would be very helpful if the capability reference included an image of how the capability renders in the app, plus notes on usage such as this about Refresh.

I agree! This is something that has been discussed in the past, but more specifically on how capability display types render at the app.

Thanks for the great feedback!