Phillips hue with st hub and Phillips hue without st hub

When adding Hue to ST you have the option of Phillips hue with st hub and Phillips hue without smart things hub. I am curious what the difference is?
I tried to search for this but it had to many results…


Without the hub will be a cloud cloud integration between your hue account and your smartthings account. This is good for people who don’t have a smartthings Hub but want to use a Phillips hue bridge with smartthings. It does require an active Internet connection.

With the hub will set up a local LAN connection between the ST hub and the hue bridge which will allow at least some routines to run locally, which should be slightly faster, hopefully more reliable, and have the ability to run even if your Internet is out.

So most people with a hub will prefer the hub connection, but you have the option to use either one if you have a smartthings hub.