Phillips hue bridge issue

For some reason last nite I lost the ability to control my hue bulbs, the bridge shows online and connected to smartthings but no control. I can use the Phillip’s app to control them though. Any ideas?

Might be worth putting the hub into include mode (add a device in the app). That worked for me the other day when a single bulb went missing.

Reboot your router. And/Or “Swedish” reset you Hue bridge. (A.k.a power unplug, replug…) I had similar issues recently, but my Hue bridge sits on a wireless bridge what somehow lost connection for it. The solution was manly that, the Hue bridge has to be reinitiated on the network. Probably Smartthings lost track of its IP or something if you have DHCP set up for it. ( You can assign fixed IP for the Hue bridge from the Hue app…)