Phillips EasySmart Instant Fit LED T8 Bulbs

Has anyone connected these the ST? Looks like they are Zigbee

It is not a Philips hue, it is a plain Philips bulb.

EasySmart is a new RF system from Phillips based on zigbee 3.0. However, at the present time it is not compatible with either the hue bridge or with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

If smartthings ever upgrade to supports zigbee 3.0, there’s a chance they would work, but there haven’t been any announcements about that and definitely no timeline.

So for now, they only work with their own system.


Philips has made an official statement that they hope to make the hue bridge compatible with zigbee 3.0 devices in the first half of 2018. If they succeed in that, you should be able to add the easysmart devices to the hue bridge and then take advantage of that integration with SmartThings, but again we aren’t there yet.

FWIW I just changed out 12 T8’s with LED ones that require no ballast. They are about 12.00 USD.
I just removed my old bulbs, cut out the ballast and wired hot to one tombstone and neutral to the other. The 4 fixtures were already controlled by an ST switch so all done.