Philips Hue's New Motion Sensor (Extra! Extra! + New and improved versions of its White and Color Ambiance LEDs)

New Philips Hue Motion Sensor. According to the article it will be shipping in October. Hopefully this will work with ST out of the gate or quickly thereafter.

The article also mentions Philips will soon start selling new and improved versions of its White and Color Ambiance LEDs – specifically ones designed to shine a little brighter :grinning:

Nothing groundbreaking here, it’s just nice to have options (I personally love products that run on standard batteries). As I have a lot of Hue’s in my house I will certainty pick one up to see if it lessens the lag I sometimes get with ST motion sensors turning on Hue bulbs.


Yup I am excited about this. I love my hue bulbs but hate how SmartThings can be inconsistent.


Actually, it does have a very Philips style groundbreaking feature: a built in lux meter. Used with the hue bridge, the lights will only come on when the room is shadowed or dark. Multiple options, so you can trigger one scene in the daytime and a different one at night.

It’s Philip saying we know what we’re selling this for, and we’re going to make it easy for you to use it for that. :sunglasses: :bulb:

Same announcement says Phillips will have new bulbs coming out which finally have a true green. One of those improvements which won’t matter much to most people, but will make some people very happy.

But for the motion sensor, it’s interesting. There are lots of other motion sensors which have temperature reporting. The fact that Phillips chose to deliver Lux, which very few other motion sensor have, shows that they are focused on the customer experience for their own customers. They’re selling solutions rather than features.

If nothing else, the approach is pretty groundbreaking in this market space. :tada:


They’re right when the article states: “but people who spent $200 to buy in with the second-gen bulbs last October might be justifiably peeved that Philips didn’t fix it a year ago.” but I guess that’s the life of retail…there’s always something “new and improved” coming down the road…one way to get us spending more and more. Progress, hmmph!

Hmmm zigbee motion sensor… Wonder if 3rd party HA zigbee profile motion sensors will also pair?

Add contact sensors and zigbee switches and that would complete most people’s needs.

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They’ve got switches: The tap and the hue dimmer switch.

Plus all the third-party remotes that already work with Hue, from the harmony to the Flic.

Contact sensors would be interesting.

What I’m really curious about is whether HomeKit will be able to trigger from the Phillips motion sensor. It can already trigger from a Hue light, so it seems possible. That would be a big boost for HomeKit. It solves the power issues they have with the Elgato sensors because the HomeKit communication is actually handled by the hue bridge, which is mains powered.

Yeah, but I’m talking about 3rd party zigbee switches and dimmers :slight_smile:

I have stayed away from HomeKit with a passion. But the next wave might be tempting… Nah, I’ll wait until Amazon does their thing. :wink:


Has this been confirmed? Because when we first heard of this new sensor I couldn’t find anything confirming the luminosity sensor…

16 days ago…

Yes, lux sensor confirmed in the official announcement today. See the CNET article link to in the first post of this thread. :sunglasses:

Phillips is calling it a “integrated daylight sensor.”

It’s possible to set different light settings for day and night. During the day, the sensor can trigger crisp white light to help you see better. At night, it can turn on a gentle night light when you, your partner or child gets out of bed. Just enough to help you navigate in the dark, without waking up the rest of the family.
When no more motion is detected, the lights dim down before they automatically switch off after a selected time.

Awesome. :sunglasses:


It’s a ZLL device! Verrrrry interesting. :wink:

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Wow, interesting. Wasn’t aware ZLL had a motion sensor category. This might not be a good thing. Could a HUE only motion sensor if this is the case.

However, I fully expect it to fall back to ZHA and have the clusters for motion sensing. But HUE has let me down before :slight_smile:

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@JDRoberts Do you know if the Philips Hue motion sensor will work with ST Hub ? I need to buy an extra motion sensor to automate lights in my bedroom. I’m thinking should i buy the ST motion sensor or Iris motion sensor or philips Hue motion sensor.

My 1st floor (bedrooms) i have all LIFX bulbs and ground floor is all philips Hue bulbs. Is there any recommendations among the above choices if price is not a factor ?

As far as which motion sensor to get for the LIFX bulbs, the iris is probably the most popular because of its price and size. More discussion of different motion sensor features:

There is now a community – created DTH for the new hue motion sensor which allows you to connect it directly to the SmartThings hub, which is cool. The iris is still less expensive, but the Hue has a built-in lux sensor as well.


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Thank you @JDRoberts for your detailed explanation.

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Do you have a link to that DTH for the Philips motion sensor? I can’t seem to find it.

The quickest way to find community created smart apps and device type handlers is usually to check the quick browse lists in the community created wiki. :sunglasses:

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I just purchased this motion detector for my lights however my phillips Hub picks it up but my ST hub doesn’t. Is there a way to make this work or is there a work-around ATM?

There is a custom device handler required.