Philips Hue Sensor use for Daylight sensor only

I have been reading through many posts regarding Smart things and the Philips Hue motion sensor and can’t seem to find a topic on a specific use case.
I have the Samsung V2 hub along with 4 Philips hue lights. I currently control both bulbs using the Samsung button or through the app. What I want to accomplish is using this Philips Hue motion sensor as only a daylight sensor so if on cloudy days, I want the lights to come on. When it is getting dark outside and light in room is getting darker, I want the lights to come on. I have originally tried the built in Scenes in Smart Things using the trigger of sunset to turn on the lights but found out this is a hit or miss scenario?
Can I get a step by step list of how to just turn on the light sensitivity only in this sensor and integrate it with smart things