Philips Hue not connecting

I’ve been unsuccessful in paring with my Philips Hue Bridge. I’m following instructions from this page, at step 6 it says discover started but then almost instantaneously it shows “0 found”.
I have successfully paired the Hue Bridge with other apps without any issues, it’s just the smartthings app that is not working. Please help!

Its scanning in real time. It will show 0 found while it is scanning.

Give it a while scanning :smile:

Well it turns out that I had a zombie entry in my devices list for the hue bridge and this was causing all kinds of problems. Once I deleted that entry the pairing went through fine.

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Sorry newbie here. I am having the same problem and I’ve tried all the steps resetting the hub resetting the Phillips hue and resetting the router. What is the zombie entry ? Thanks for any help