Philips hue motion sensor problem

Hi i have 3 Philips hue motion sensor to turn on and off some light.
i have made some automations in the app, the automations works fine and the light turn on and off as they should. But in the app the lights show up as off even when the light is on.
it is only when i turn on the light in the app is shows that the light is on ?.
i use Sharptools dashsboard and the lights does not show up as on when it is turn on by the automations.

It did work before but for some reason the ligths does not show up as on even in the app or Sharptools anymoore, when it is turn on by the automations.What is going on ??
Help anyone. Thanks.

There is currently a known issue with Philips Hue motion sensors not working as reported by multiple users. The good news is there should be a fix coming soon. See the following thread to see what others are reporting and this particular post talking about the upcoming fix:


Thanks i will look in to it…